We created this guestbook for all ABCCC veterans.  Please feel free to use this guestbook to tell us about your ABCCC experiences and to locate former friends and crew mates.

Ken Witkin

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Fort Washington,  MD----November 26, 2007  at  21:00

Served as a Hillsboro airborne radio operator and communications team chief from July 1970 until July 1971.   Also was the 7 ACCS OJT Manager during that period.

Col Al Blake was our first Squadron Commander and when he went PCS, he was replaced by Col Wilbur Tapscott.  Lt Col Giles Willis was the Squadron Training Officer and SMSgt Jim Nesbitt was the Squadron Chief of Communications.  MSgt Bob Sisk was the Squadron NCOIC of Operations.

Col Robert Walters was the Hillsboro Orbit Commander and my DABS was Lt Col Grover Heater but I also flew with Col Branson Wood.  MSgt John Kirkendahl was the Hillsboro Orbit NCOIC and MSgt Allan Guibert was the Hillsboro NCOIC of Radio Operations.

Flew with great guys like Major Sam Miller, Major Vern Betteridge, Capt John Barrett, MSgt J.C. Carpenter, Ron Keplinger, Biff Trimble, Charlie Poole, Bob Cannady, Ernie Haslett, John Kirkendahl, Bob Sisk and a host of others.

Worked with really great comm guys like Jim Nesbitt, Ben Sowers, Ken Sparkman, Chris Sentico, Nels Folkdahl, John Yacconi, Joe Askounes, Joe Williams, Brit Pearce, John (Duke) Ellington & many, many more.

There was a certain Major Hugh Cox III who I remember very well from the 7 ACCS.   He later became Major General Hugh Cox III, Commander of NATO AWACS when I was stationed at Geilenkirchen NATO AB, West Germany from 1985 to 1988.

I managed to fly 100 combat missions over Steel Tiger in 12 months and accumulated 1,300 flying hours in the ABCCC EC-130E.

It was a great time to be an ABCCC airborne communicator.

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Fort Washington,  MD----Nov 26, 2007  at  23:00

Great website Ken... I am eagerly looking forward to everything the Association will have to offer.  This should be a great place for everyone to come and learn what ABCCC was all about.  Thanks so much for doing all of this for us.

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Panama City,  FL----27 Nov 07  at  12:11 PM

Gene, Please see the following Letter from the VA:

Just wanted to check out your new site.

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Las Vegas,  NV----11/27/2007  at  4:00 PM


CARRIZOZO,  NM----11/28/2007  at  09:38 AM  

Nice job on the web site Ken.   Hope you are taking care of yourself.

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Tonto Basin,  AZ----12/04/2007  at  7:50 PM  

Thanks for the reunion.  I am sure everyone had a great time, and I know the next one will be much bigger and as good if not better.

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Fort Lauderdale,  FL----12-8-07  at  2:00 PM  

Glad to see the Site up and running.

Montgomery,  AL----12/21/07  at  15:00  

Your ABCCC Association is currently working with the Veterans Administration to provide Disability Compensation to all ABCCC veterans (aircrew & non-aircrew personnel) who are now suffering from cancer or diabetes due to exposure to Agent Orange.  It has been determined that Agent Orange was sprayed on all Thailand miltary bases during the Vietnam War.  Your ABCCC Association will provide you with the appropriate US Government forms on this web site in order that you may submit these forms to the VA for compensation.  Further information will be forthcoming on this web site.

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Fort Washington  MD----12/21/07  at  19:41  

Greetings, I worked in the Fab Branch in Structural Maintenance from 1990-1991.  Would love to hear from the people I knew down at Keesler.  E-mail me at or call me 502-614-6282

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Louisville  KY----05/01/08  at  19:33  

I was aircraft commander of C-130 ABCCC missions flying out of Udorn, Thailand during period 1969-1970.  My shift on station over Laos was between 1800 and 0600, call sign "Alleycat".  I would like to hear from guys doing same missions.

Lawrence T. Drum

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Lawrence T.
Margate  FL----05/03/08  at  13:00  


Terry M. Sergeant, MSGT USAF RET

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Terry M.
Albuquerque,  NM----09/07/08  at  6:42 PM  

Served on Hillsboro as Intell/Targets officer from June 1967 to May 1968.  During this time the ABCCC birds based at DaNang were damaged/destroyed in a July rocket attack.  We then operated Hillsboro from Udorn on a TDY basis for the remainder of my tour.

TET was the most memorable time.  In the first days of TET we had 1200 strike sorties in each 12 hours.  The F-100's from Bien Hoa had a loiter time of five minutes or less.  We had excellent weather throughout and lost a few in the first week and then none.

The Marine on the ground at Khe Sanh with whom we coordinated, Jazzy, needed a time check each morning at 6:30 because his Seiko did not function well with all the artillery and other concussions.

We were the last friendlies some pilots spoke to before they were released from the Hanoi Hilton in 1973.

I was privileged to participate in Homecoming in the spring of 1973 when I debriefed one of our POW's for four weeks.

Bruce W Bean, Col. USAFR Ret.

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Bruce W Bean, Col. USAFR
Stuart,  FL---11/25/08  at  10:25 AM  



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LT COL Louis M Prestwood, JR USAF (Ret.)
Fort Walton Beach,  FL---JAN 15, 2009  at  1800  

The 2007 Reunion was a great event.  It was great to see some of my fellow war buddies and how gracefully we have all aged.  By the way, the party suits still fit on some but the wives who wore the suits looked better that the men.  I look forward to see the old 2007 faces and hopefully, some new 2010 faces.  It was fun!  Thanks to all who attended because it brought back some pleasant memories that I had forgotten.


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Rancho Murieta,  CA---March 10, 2009  at  1216 Hrs  

I was with 7ACCS at Udorn RTAFB from Nov 69 to Nov 70 as a 2LT copilot, got promoted, left as a 1LT.  Flew as Cricket Pilot--70 missions.  Most of the time I was there I've forgotten over the years, but several events still stand out.

I remember the RF-4 crash that took out the TV station very well.  My roommate was sitting in his room and saw the plane go past the window (he said) and just before he heard the "pop-pop" of the ejection seats going off.  Later, the pilot told us that he was trying to nurse the plane back after receiving substantial damage because there was a new and investigational camera on-board.  I was across the base at squadron offices (I was Pubs Officer for the flight crews) and so was not anywhere near the crash site.  The firemen used all the water they could--even emptied the base swimming pool.

One night some guy pickled off a 500 pounder (this was early in my tour) just after lifting off.   Scared the bejesus out of a lot of people but did no damage.

The C-119 that was missing about 1/3 of a wing and landed successfully at Udorn is another memory.  I was taxiing out in Cricket the next morning and could not believe they'd actually managed to land that bird.

I'm sure now that I've begun I'll remember more.

That's enough for now.

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Des Moines,  IA---8/25/09  at  1510 Hrs  

AAC/Senior Strike Controller Instructor and evaluator, Aug 1990-2000.   7th and 42nd ACCS.  Good mission, good crews and good friends.

Currently visiting Davis-Monthan (resting place for the ACCS).  Saw a squadron patch that turned my head.  It would appear that when our mission retired the squadron was willed to the Compass Call platform.  The only changes that were made to our patch was ACCS was replaced with ECS.  It was bad enough that we had to give up Keesler AFB for DM, 7th for the 42nd.  The ECS didn't have the sense, fortitude or imagination to change the patch.

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Mike (Spike)
Toone,  TN---29 Jan 2010  at  1600  


I am Lt Col Koven, the current 7 EACCS commander based at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia.  The deployed JSTARS component became the 7 EACCS in 2008; before that the unit took the CONUS JSTARS unit designation and added an E to it, such as the 12 EACCS, 16 EACCS, 116 EACCS, and the 128 EACCS.  When the squadron became the 7 EACCS, it took the existing 116 EACCS patch design and changed it to the 7 EACCS.

Upon taking command as the squadron's first 365-day commander, my OG/CC asked me to research the 7 EACCS history.  I should have remembered the 7 ACCS and its white bird patch, as it was part of the 552 ACW when I was a junior company grader.  In order to honor the unit's past, General Wilson, the 379 ACW/CC, gave me permission to return to the historic patch.

Please let your members know that the Airmen of the 7 EACCS will soon honor our 7 ACCS/ABCCC past by wearing the historic patch.

I am attaching some information on our return to the historic patch.

7 ACCS 1970 Patch

NOTE:  Please click The Above Patch To See Slide Presentation

Very respectfully,

Commander, 7 EACCS (JSTARS)---
30 Jan 2010  at  2:36 PM  

I was a Capsule maintenance troop in the 3380 AMS at Keesler about 1980-81 (Lenny Dagg was shop chief).   I was on weekend duty when word came down to download all the capsules and strip all the capsule antennas from the birds for a 'mission' we found out later was the attempted hostage rescue in Iran.

In 1981 I went over to Field Training Detachment 325 to develop field training courses for the capsule maintenance folks.  I taught those classes until mid 1987.

In July of 1987 I went to Lowry in Denver to develop avionic tech training courses for the B-1B.  I was in charge of the Comm/Nav/Defensive Avionics course until 1991.

Rick Paugh, MSgt, USAF, Retired

Indianapolis,  IN---2/10/10  at  12:30  

Hey Ken,

Nice site.  I began my association with the squadron in Sep 1990 as a member of the support contingent from Tinker that stood up with the genesis of the ABCCC III.  I was accompanied by then Capt Dave Tuteral and SSgt Phil Stencil.  As QOT&E was getting spun up, a certain Iraqi dictator decided to annex Kuwait.  The test turned into a blur and we arrived in theater two days prior to kick-off the "festivities" with two new capsules, three crews, a couple of top-notch support contractors from Unisys (Fred and Jim), and us three stragglers from s'Tinker.

I'll never forget the first night of DS ... we had stashed our chem gear in the aircrew life support equipment tent ... and it magically disappered when we thought we needed it most!  Turned out the LS troops found the unaccounted four bags and removed them.  Pucker factor went sky-high for a few minutes until we stumbled across the LS troops and they steered us to our gear.

That's just one of many great memories I have of my extended time associated with this great group of men and women.  (I PCS'd to Keesler to be a member of the newly formed SC shop in Oct '91 to work for Lt Col Don Ruth, and then PCS'd as a member of the SATAF and initial cadre for the squadron when they moved to D-M.

Note to Spike:  Mike, you may not know or remember, but before there was a 42nd ACCS, there was the 42nd ECS, flying EF-111A's out of RAF Upper Hayford, England.  I found that out the hard way as my flight commander at SOS was a 42nd ECS alum who was a bit perturbed that we took "his" squadron's patch and only changed the 'ECS' to 'ACCS'.

Hoping to see a few latter-day squadron members at the reunion.


Animated Wizard

Dave "Driver Dave"
Beavercreek,  OH---2/11/10  at 2255 (ET)  

Hi Guys,

I was with the 7ACCS from Dec 79 to June 94.  I took 1982 off for a short to Alaska.  I was in Alleycat the entire time.  Best job I ever had.  I went from an AAC to a Senior Strike Controller during my tour.  I was lucky enough to help out with the selection and testing of the ABCCC III capsule, worked with Dave, he was such a nerd when he got there, and many more.

I do JSTARS aircrew training now and need some material to help one of my projects.  Does anyone have soft copies of old and new buckslip and the Words Boards?  I could also use TBMCS stuff too.


Animated ABCCC Graphic

Warner Robins,  GA---4/7/2010  at 1500 (ET)  

Thanks for the mention in your opening comments.  Good to see the names of so many old friends.  Keep me posted on the reunion.

Animated ABCCC Graphic

Marietta,  GA---4/27/2010  at 1512 (ET)  


I was a Sandy pilot out of NKP from 1971-1972.  I happen to be the webmaster of  I am seeking audio tapes of SAR missions during my time at NKP.  I would appreciate contact from anyone knowing who might have SAR tapes.   Also interested in photos of the Skyraider from King bird.



Salt Lake City,  UT---14 May 2010  at 10:02 PM  

Looking for details on a ground incident concerning Kenneth E. Parks, Lt Col of the 7ACC

The USAF carried it as a non-crew ground incident and he died of non-hostile wounds.

The incident was tagged as occurring in Laos 13 July 1969.

I am a former member of the Secret War in Laos who is doing research on who was part of that war.   In 1968-1969 I was the " target validation voice on the ground" at Site Texas or Capetown (in-country secret site) working primarily with MOONBEAM.


Tom Lee

Vienna,  VA---9/25/2010  at 1230  

After a three-year battle with the ABCCC Association, the Veteran's Administration has changed their Agent Orange Policy concerning Thailand.

The VA now admits that Agent Orange was used on all Thailand US air bases during the Vietnam War.

If you are suffering from cancer or Type II Diabetes, your ailment may be due to Agent Orange exposure at Udorn or Korat RTAFB.

Please click on the following link for more information about Agent Orange use in Thailand:

Ken Witkin
ABCCC Association President

Animated ABCCC Graphic

Fort Washington,  MD---12/07/2010  at 1740Z  

Was also in ABCCC in 1971.  Worked for MSgt Sisk in Operations.  Col Tapscot was my commander.  Was an E-4 and made SSgt while in the unit.  MSgt Sisk saved my promotion to SSgt when I was running the town too hard.  Good man.

Worked for Col Blake--who was--let's say--different.  Believe he really screwed up Travis AFB.  Remember his going-away-party when one of the Captains presented him with the "Finger."

Miss the "White Rabbit."

Ended up doing 26 years and retired as a CMSgt.  Thanks to MSgt Sisk's faith in me.

Animated Man Shooting Graphic

John G.
Palm Springs,  CA---12-21-10   at 23:05   

During April 2011, the Veterans Administration (VA) approved its first Agent Orange claim submitted by a Thailand-based Vietnam War veteran.

This approval document is a huge victory for all of us veterans who were stationed in Thailand during the Vietnam War.

I'm providing a link to the approval document for all of you to use as a source of reference for all further Agent Orange compensation claims submitted to the VA by former Thailand-based Vietnam War veterans.   Good luck to all of you.

April 2011 VA Agent Orange Decision

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Fort Washington,  MD---25-04-11  at 12:35 PM   

It was great finding this site.  I was not aware of it nor of the reunion previously held.  When I arrive at Udorn in March 1970, fresh out of F-105 training, I served for two months on Lt Col Fredrickson' Moonbeam crew.  Then I put on my LtCol oak leaves that May and served as a DABS on Moonbeam for the rest of my time there, leaving in March 1971.

It was a great time being there!  I was on station the night of the Son Tuy Raid, unbeknownst to us, of course.

I note that Sgt Gene Hilsheimer has signed in to this website.  I am sure he is the Sgt. Hilsheimer who distinguished himself on our crew during his several tours at ABCCC.   Quite a guy!  Got medals from the Vietnamese and the Air Force for his work in helping rescue a Royal Laotian unit in trouble in a TIC situation.

Many stories to tell at any future reunion for sure.  Col. Fredrickson and I both retired here near Tacoma at McChord AFB, now McChord Field as part of Joint Base Lewis McChord, and continued our close friendship for many years.   Sad to say, "Col. Fred" died a few months ago and I was privileged to be at his memorial service.   We are still close friends with his widow Dottie.

My best to all former ABCCC members and thanks for the Agent Orange advice.  I am already receiving VA benefits for it as I am diabetic and just whipped lymphoma cancer three years ago and am now in remission.  Doing OK for a guy who will be 80 in a few months!

Animated Man Smoking Pipe Graphic

Charles T. Wilkinson "Gus"
University Place ,  WA---29 Jan 2012 at 1115 hours  

My father, LtCol Henry James (USAF-Ret), served in "Cricket" from June 66 to May 67 at DaNang.

Would like to hear from anyone from that time period.

Neither one of us can seem to find anything about the ABCCC from that time period on the Internet.

If you knew my father please let me know.

Animated ABCCC Graphic

Nancy James Gossett
Villa Rica ,  GA---24 Mar 12  at  7:23pm   

So glad to see this site back up.  Thanks to Ken for a fantastic job.

I was Hillsboro 54, july 69--70.  Flew about 125 missions.  Col Travers was our boss with Major Metz as his assistant.  Great memories.

Animated ABCCC Graphic

Granbury ,  TX---3-25-12 at  0900 am  

I was Nail 112 during Tet and worked with you guys for three months.   Before and after I was volunteered to be a FAC.  I was an RF-4C systems operator at Udorn, where I eventually finished my 100 missions over North Vietnam.

Just lookin to remember your callsigns.  I do know Hillsboro and Alleycat.  What were the other two?

Yardley ,  PA---8/31/2012 at 2041  

I flew on Moobeam Aug 69-May 70.  I was on Lt Col Sherwood's crew.  I see a number of guys that I remember that have written something on this site.  I was on an earlier ABTripleC site and don't know what happened to that one.

Thanks Ken for establishing this site.

Animated ABCCC Graphic

SMSgt Robert Wright
Vacaville ,  CA---07/03/13 at  01:06 am  

My name is Boyd Green.  I took the ABCCC through its test and evaluation, then into Viet Nam in 1965.  I havent seen anything or anybody mentioned about the ORIGINAL ABCCC.  I have pictures and news clippings during my tour.  I was selected as the first Teletype/Radio operator.  The inception was from Eglin AFB, TAC control wing.

I am interested to see if there are any other members from the Test and Evaluation through 1966.

Please feel free to contact me at: or phone:   (970)593-5643.


Boyd Green, Tsgt, Retired USAF

Animated ABCCC Graphic

Boyd Green
Loveland ,  CO---21. August 2013 at 19:09  

Controller 72-74 MOONBEAM orbit..Lot of GREAT guys..

Animated ABCCC Graphic

edward moore---
Colorado Springs, CO---10/14/13 at 1810  

Served April '67-April 68 as weapons controller on Alley Cat.  Would like to join group & establish contact with other ABCCC aircrew members.  Please advise.

Animated ABCCC Graphic

Austin, TX---11/10/2013 at 9:44 PM  

Hello, Sawadee

I was capsule maintenance from Nov.'73 - Sept.'74 at Korat and Clark.

Help!   I need any documentation and/or statements that can substantiate any claim that I was exposed to Agent Orange while at Korat from Nov.'73- May '74 and I have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and prostate problems for the past several years.

PLEASE forward any info that you can ASAP.

Thanks a bunch..

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Carlos Degroff
Plattsburgh, NY---July 23, 2014  at 12 Noon   

I was wondering where I can get a patch for ABCCC?  I checked around but can’t seem to locate any.   Has anyone had any thyroid problems in the organization? I lost mine in 2007.   Had heart problems in 2008 and skin problems since 1968.  They say I didn’t have problems but it is on record.  Still fighting the VA since 1968 on a few other issues.  Found out I have neuropathy real bad from knees down both legs and of course diabetes.

I joined the VFW Honor Guard doing approximately 240 funerals a year.  Staying pretty busy.

Are you going to have another reunion any time soon?   Let me know.  Until then.

Joe Wysocki

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 1:10 PM   

I was an Intel briefer aboard the original C-47 ABCCC squadron at Udorn from Feb to Aug 1966.  I lived in the hotel in downtown Udorn across the street from Linda's nightclub.  We flew a morning mission and then an afternoon mission the next day--then had a day off.  I was TDY from Tahkli RTAFB where my permanent station job was briefing and debriefing F-105 pilots of the 355th TFW.

I was aboard the morning mission on 29 July 1966, the day the afternoon mission was shot down by MiGs.  I was friends with all the crew that was lost that day.

I am a member of the River Rats from my days with the 355th.

I will send my membership app by mail.


Joe Lillard
22650 Oro Blanco Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Animated Rocky Graphic

Colorado Springs, CO---29-July-2014 at 0900   

I just wanted to note that I am Lt Col Lee (Grover) Heater's son.  Dad passed away in 2004 and it's nice to see him mentioned here.

AZ---10/09/2014 at  22:05  

Hillsboro radio maintence technician from July 1968 thru July 1969.

Thomas E. (Ed)
Churchton, MD---10/22/2014 at  0745  


For All 1971-1972 Udorn RTAFB Veterans:

The VA now admits that Agent Orange was used All Over Udorn RTAFB from September 1971 to September 1972.

If you are suffering from cancer or Type II Diabetes, and you were stationed at Udorn RTAFB between September 1971 and September 1972, your ailment(s) may be due to Agent Orange exposure at Udorn RTAFB.

Please click on the following link for more information about Agent Orange use at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand:

Ken Witkin
ABCCC Association President

I served from April '70 to April '71 as a 1st LT.   I flew with Alley Cat about every third night and was the 7th ACCS Assistant Operations Officer at the Squadron during most days.   I gave many of the operations briefings to air crews assigned to the four orbits.  My immediate supervisor was LTC Will R Thomas, who was the 7th ACCS Deputy Operations Officer.  LTC Thomas was much admired as a fine fellow and admired war hero;  his F-105 Squadron sustained 50% losses during a single raid over Hanoi prior to breakup of the squadron and his assignment to the ABCCC.

After Vietnam, I was assigned to AFOSI.   After an initial assignment to District 4 near Andrews AFB, I served my last couple of years in the USAF as commander of a small detachment in the mid-west.   Upon leaving the Air Force, I became a criminal investigator with the Department of Defense, later with the Naval Investigative Service (now NCIS), and ultimately with US Customs.   I retired as a supervisory federal agent at the end of 1998.   Since then, I have taught computer science on campus or on-line at the university level.   I presently teach computer forensics at the University of Texas at Arlington from my residence in Tennessee.

John J. Seither,
Crossville  TN---25 Oct 2014  at 12:33 AM   

I recently found the ABCCC web site.  I was in a battle just south of the DMZ with the 5th Infantry Division on November13, 1969.  It was the culmination of a three day battle near Hill 162.  I was with A/1-61 Infantry and we were airlifted into a mortar position that was sure to be overrun.   With 107 of us on the perimeter, we were assaulted by an NVA battalion force and partially overrun twice.   As the third NVA assault was staging,  Spooky gunship and a flight of Fast Movers showed up and saved us.

I am trying to get hold of the FAC and any ABCCC C-130s that might have helped us that night.   I remember the call sign Barky and possibly Hillsboro was mentioned.  If anyone can help with this or pass it on to an individual that can help I would appreciate it.

I am writing a book on this action and am looking for eyewitness accounts, CAARs, BDAs if they are available.

Lou Pepi 1/3/A/1-61/5th I D Mech
Office Phone:  508-841-8341

Shrewsbury,  MA---21 Nov 2014  at 11:59 AM   

My name is Keith Wolfe and I'm very happy to have found this web site.  I served in Capsule Maintenance at Keesler AFB between spring 1977 and May 31, 1980.   I have many good memories from working with those guys.   If any of you ever find this site, I'd like to say thanks for putting up with me and drop me a line if you are so inclined...

Keith Wolfe

Guy On Bike Graphic

Indianapolis  IN---02/06/2015   at 12:43   

I was the crew chief A1C on C-130E 62-1825 which was the first ABCCC C-130 sent to TSN AB in Sept. 65 and assigned to the 7ACCS.   I was assigned to the 314th TCW out of Sewart AFB, Tenn.   Stayed downtown at the Majestic Hotel and roomed with the capsule crew.

Had a great R&R in Bankok during my assignment.   Was relieved by A1C Ken Moser of the 314th in December.   Ken says A/C went to Naha in Jan. 66 and he was sent back to Sewart.

Jim Lane

Animated ABCCC Graphic

Leland  NC---4/27/15  at 2105 hrs   


I was a controller on Moonbeam between May 1968 and 1969.  Some of the others on our crew were SSgt Steve Satula, SSgt Bill Crum, Sgt Ray Stump & Lts. Krause & Valentine. The others are lost to time and poor memory.

The night air war in Laos was slow in the Summer of 1968, but picked up considerably when the President granted a Christmas truce, which terminated bombing near Hanoi. The result was a great number of AAA GUNS being moved south along the trail.

One thing that will stay with me is listening to several verses of Genesis being broadcast live from Lunar orbit by the crew of Apollo 8 on Christmas Eve. A look out the side of the aircraft showed that there was no Christmas Truce in Laos........but then again, we weren't there anyway so a truce was not necessary I guess.

Hope all of you are well.

Dave Luse

Animated ABCCC Graphic

Dave Luse---
Camas, WA--- 11/9/2015 at 1955   

Hello ABCCC Association Members, Visitors and Guests,

My name is Matthew Burke.  I am a reporter with Stars and Stripes in Okinawa, Japan.  I would like to start off by saying, "Thank you for your service!" to our great nation.  The reason I am posting here, is because I am looking for participants in the Mayaguez operation of 1975, preferably those aboard ABCCC aircraft that day, or those in communication with them.  I have been studying the operation for some time, visited Koh Tang several times, including earlier this year, and have spoken to numerous veterans of the battle from both the Marine Corps and the Air Force.   I would love to speak to you about your experiences, if you are interested.   I feel it is a perspective of the battle that has not been adequately represented in the narrative of the day.

If you are interested in speaking with me, please contact me in any way you see fit.   I really appreciate your time and consideration.

Warmest regards,

Matthew M. Burke
Staff Writer
Stars and Stripes
Okinawa (Japan) Bureau
Miitary DSN: 6645-3358
Office: 0989700-3358
Cell: 90-8054--8234
From the states: 011-81-90-8054-8234

Animated Alfred E. Neuman Graphic

Okinawa, Japan---12/3/2015 at 1:45 pm   


I was an A1C then Sgt assigned to Sq.Intel, from June 71-June 72.   Flew as rotating Intel on all 4 orbits.  Worked for Capt.Summer and Major Karke, Msgt Nesbitt then SMSgt Lyons and TSgt Arbis.

I'm working on an Agent Orange exposure VA claim.  Need statements confirming that our duties placed us near the base perimeter where these chemicals were sprayed.

I am experiencing anemia, kidney disease, foot & hand neuropathy and sleep apenea.  No family history??  Appreciate any document (statement) support.

Animated ABCCC Graphic

Arthur (Tony)
White Lake , MI---12/28/2015 at 1900   



The VA has changed their Thailand Agent Orange Exposure Policy.  You no longer have to have served in Thailand as a security policeman or have served near the perimeter of a military base.  THE NEW POLICY STATES THAT THE VA WILL CONSIDER EACH THAILAND AGENT ORANGE SUBMISSION ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS.

Ken Witkin
ABCCC Association President

January 1, 2021