Thailand Air Base Veterans

If you are a veteran who served on any U.S. military base in Thailand, you need to know these facts:

The VA has granted a claim for DIRECT EXPOSURE to Agent Orange for an airman on a Thai Air Base who could prove he walked the perimeter as a guard.

If you fit this criteria, and if your claim is being held by a Regional Office for any reason which involves the Haas Ruling, your claim is  ILLEGALLY  being held up and you must demand its release for immediate adjudication as a DIRECT EXPOSURE TO AGENT ORANGE claim.

The claim described here was based on documentation showing that Agent Orange was used on the perimeters and fence lines of all Thailand bases.

Documentation for this claim relied on the following military documents:

Base Defense in Thailand - CHECO Report Extract1.pdf Although the VA does not require or demonstrate consistent ruling from Regional Office to Regional Office, this information should be copied and attached to your claim.

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